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Online Customer-Acquisition Strategies

Taking your eCom store or ‘Services Business’ to the next level through customer acquisition strategies. To achieve online sales our team of experts will help you with the following services:



Do you have a product to sell? Not sure how to take it to market? Not sure how to get customers? Don’t waste months and large budgets on trying to figure it out! We already have the answers. We’ll set you up on the right platform and build the sales for you.

Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Before spending time, money & energy on pursuing new business we need to make sure your current material is professional and conveying the right message to the right target. We audit your material (website, brochures, etc) to make sure they don’t cause more harm than good and fix the issues where necessary. we handle web designers and printers directly so you don’t have to.

Business Development

Business Development

So what is Business-Development all about? It is about helping you find new customers, new markets, new distributors, JV partners and strategic investors. But this is just the beginning… We then go into cross-selling, up-selling, referrals and anything necessary from creating a buzz to sustained growth.

who we are

Alon Goldreich

We’re a team of experts from multiple sectors led by Alon Goldreich. We work strategically to help you achieve your company goals. Alon Goldreich has extensive experience in Technology & Engineering, Finance (Venture Capital, Private Equity, Investment-Banking) and Marketing (Startups to Multinationals). He has worked across sectors and is considered a Business-Development expert.

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Linkedin Recommendations

  • In less than 4 months Alon & his team managed to TRIPLE! the online sales for our business and they keep on growing! He continues to demonstrate great professionalism, determination, and commitment to us.

    Cecilia Tsai
  • Alon has brought us world-class customers in record time and has facilitated major transactions for us. His initiative, business acumen and expertise in digital-marketing continue to help us greatly. We truly recommend his business-development services

    Michel di Tommaso
  • Alon helped us bring the traditional marketing message of several campaigns to the digital age. He proved his expert consulting to be both correct and worthwhile.

    Cecilia Del Favero
  • Alon’s combination of strategic view and technical know-how in terms of a total website re-do was extremely helpful and allowed us to reach our objectives for a complex project of this sort in record time.

    Joanne Leff
  • In less than 4 months Alon & his team managed to TRIPLE! the online sales for our business and they keep on growing! He continues to demonstrate great professionalism, determination and commitment to us

    Luciano Fasoli
  • Alon is one of the brightest and most innovative visionaries in the IT and Finance sectors. As a seasoned sales and marketing executive, Alon has solid operational experience, as well as the tactical expertise and strategic skills to run a large Sales and Marketing organization. He's professional, effective, and a creative thinker. I highly recommend Alon for any Sr. Management opportunities leveraging his background in Sales & Marketing.

    Jean-Pierre Clientel Engele


We’re based in Lugano, Switzerland. You can email us at: or use the form below.

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